Volume discounts will apply when ordering more than 4 licenses.

Available purchase options

Single User License

Upgrade from version 3.x

Site License (Unlimited Users)

Site License (Upgrade from 3.x)


Important: Please make sure you’re able to receive emails from sales@sicomponents.com! All registration emails are sent automatically from this address.

Please contact our Sale Department in case you have any problems with ordering. Also you can use our forum to get help with registration problems.

Software Update Policy

Minor Updates vs Major Upgrades

A minor update is a revision that encapsulates software bug fixes and often includes small functional enhancements. Minor updates are signified by minor version number increments. For example, a minor update from version 4.0 would be 4.0.1, 4.1, 4.2.1 etc.

A major upgrade is a revision that involves extensive engineering work to provide significant enhancements to a product. Major upgrades are often accompanied with new documentation and are signified by an increment in the integer portion of the version number. For example, a major upgrade from version 4.0 would be labeled 5.0.

Resource Builder registered users are entitled to free minor updates. For example if you are a registered user of version 4.0 you are able to download and use updates labeled 4.0.1, 4.1 etc. Major updates usually incur a some update fee to help cover additional engineering and documentation costs. For example if you are a registered owner of 3.x you will be able to download and update to version 4.x for a small update fee.

Price Protection

If you purchase a license for Resource Builder and a major upgrade is released within one month of your purchase date you are entitled to a free upgrade to the new major release.

If you have any questions concerning software upgrades please send us a message either by email or using contacts form at https://www.sicomponents.com/contacts/.

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