Simplify and speed-up your development

With our Resource Builder you get the most user-friendly and intuitive resource editor interface that will also cut the time spent on editing resources. Powerful editors for all resource types to edit resources in resource and executable files. Very fast and precise RC compiler and much more. So why not to go for an all-in-one package? Just check an overview of Resource Builder or list of features to get more detailed information.

Do you need to support Unicode?

No worries, Resource Builder is a unique resource editor, which provides full support for Unicode.

Need to edit or create large resource files?

Resource Builder can create, edit and update resources in files with unlimited size.

Additional Information

Quick Information

OS: Windows 64bit
Price: US $59 (Buy now)
Trial period: 30 days

Support for all platforms and IDEs

Main Window

Image Editor

.Net Resources

Resource Builder: Main Window
Image Editor
.Net Resources Support

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Useful Articles

A quick look at Resource Builder

Pain-free Ability to Edit Resources

Using HTML resources to create user interface for your applications

Article gives you a quick overview of Resource Builder and its features.

Article demonstrates that editing and creating resources is easy and quick when you use powerful features of Resource Builder.

We will show you how to embed HTML resources into your modules and use them to create HTML based user interface inside your applications.


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